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Content Marketing

All you need to know about Content Marketing in 2020

Content marketing is a process of boosting factors like brand awareness, sales, brand loyalty to reach the target audience. It requires planning, ideation, content creation, distribution and publication of the content. In 2020, brand content needs to reach your audience in a way that feels in bound.  The most feasible way of doing this is by creating a narrative for your content. Audience enjoy listening to brand stories and relate those with their life experience. In doing so, brand content seems to feel more authentic. It engages more audience as these are tailored to their specific choices.

Why is content marketing in 2020 so important?

Content marketing help businesses with the following:

-Educates the brand’s prospective clients about the products and services offered

-Increases conversion rates

-Builds meaningful business relationships

-Highlights products and services that solve clients’ issues

-Creates authentic brand community

Types of content marketing in 2020to be applied next:

·         Social media marketing in Kolkata-

With over 3 billion of global social media users, it is not so difficult to perceive why so many businesses are interested in investing on social media marketing in Kolkata. There are a plenty of platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat) to work on. Digital marketers are aware of several ways to create and share content on each of the platforms. Creating visually aesthetic photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, stories, reels are on trending this 2020.

·         Blog Content Marketing:

Web blogs are considered to be the most impactful inbound content which requires fulfilling marketing purposes with creativity. Web designing companies in Kolkatacreateblogs that give your audience a detailed idea and information about your products or services, solves queries via links and social share. 

·         Video Content Marketing:

More than half of the consumers, especially the younger ones, are hooked towards video contents from the brands they interact with. Understanding the consumer behaviour, video contants can boost conversions, improve ROI, and help build business relationships with the targeted audience. Sharing video contents on various social media platforms, landing pages, or on a co-marketer’s website have proven to be helpful digital marketing strategies.

Besides, Web designing companies in Kolkata coupled with digital marketing agencies have been applying content marketing with infographic, podcast and paid ad content marketing too. With feasible campaign budget and intense market research, comes strong relatable and market winning contents. 

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