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Evolution of digital marketing since 2010

The last decade has experienced a rapid development in technology and application of internet that has changed marketers’ perspective on their promotional activities online. The strategies, tools and techniques digital marketers in Kolkata used to follow 10 years back, are now mostly outdated. Now brands get its desired exposure through the major search engines and social media. Social media has taken the position of the biggest promotional platform by connecting people across communities and beyond borders. New-found SEO tools, their evolution, and their multi-use application have continuously been changing over time. As we approach a new decade, this blog looks back in time and presents the evolution of digital marketing in past ten years.

The rise of social media marketing in Kolkata

At the turn of the decade, we have become familiar with the term social media influencer which was never a thing ten years back. From being a platform where friends, families and communities meet; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat have evolved to legitimate media outlets that allow brands to reach out and grow new customers. In today’s time, every brand thinks for its online presence even before launching something new. Coupled with creative ideas, digital ad campaigns are reaching newer heights everyday with social media marketing strategies and techniques.

Brands are now capable of understanding their follower base and the market needs based on their current consumer behaviour.  Besides, Google Ad Words and sponsored campaigns across social media platforms are biggest tools to establish a meaningful connection with both the existing and prospective clientele. Relevant and creative contents approach the mass audience. Organic marketing promises to fulfil their psychological and matristic needs; hence, drive sales and create brand awareness.

Recently, social media marketing in Kolkata has been shifting its focus on visual side of content creation more than anything. In this case, Instagram is utilised as a digital marketing opportunity.  Visually aesthetic contents are created with “Look & Feel” of a particular product.  Fun demo videos are helping to maximise sales and promote the USPs of brands to the well targeted audience. No one ever thought of this ten years ago in Kolkata.

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata prefer content marketing

Even less than a decade ago, Digital marketers in Kolkata and brands could write blogs targeting relevant search keywords to gain organic exposure in all the major search engines like Google, etc. There are various strategies that manipulate search engine optimization. It has proven to be highly effective as long as the content is sophisticated and relevant.

In more recent years, digital marketing companies in Kolkata trust the mediums for content consumption. It’s not just blogs where people consume content these days from. There are podcasts, social media live streams, IG reels, stories, frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages, user-generated content, feedbacks and reviews, as well as numerous video contents.

How the Best Digital marketing company in Kolkata practice SEO for brands?

In the past years, search engines have matured a lot in their approach to the digital marketing. The marketers have now understood the necessity of keeping a business sustainable.  Solving problems is more of a winning strategy rather than crisis management. The SEO services are offered keeping the brand presence in mind where the consumers’ needs are addressed.

Offering enhanced customer experience is the ultimate solution

Moreover, in this digital era seamless and responsive mobile experience is more of a luxury rather than a necessity. Coupled with mobile friendly website and social media surfing; people are now closer the screens round the clock. Best Digital marketing company in Kolkata help bands to offer well optimised website.It delivers neat user experience to gain the trust of the customers; hence influence the buying decisions more as compared to the last decade.

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