How Does a Web Designing Company in Kolkata Attract More Traffic to Websites

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How Does a Web Designing Company in Kolkata Attract More Traffic to Websites

The impact of the pandemic has been spreading beyond 2020 and this year will not be very different than that. Businesses are continuously trying to cope with the new normal. Simultaneously, the consumers’ psychology is becoming difficult to predict and so is the return on investments. In these trying times, businesses are looking for strengthening their virtual presence for reaching potential customers. As a result, the percentage of choosing digital marketing over conventional ways of promotions is increasing day by day among business owners.

In India, web designing companies are continuously targeting offline businesses as they have the finest opportunity to invest on developing their online profile now. The idea is to stay afloat on digital platforms and generate best results for brands even without paid ad campaigns, link buildings and search engine or website optimization. Although, these services are highly impactful not every brand has the necessary budget. Being a web designing company in Kolkata, we look for ways that reputed national agencies are following. Our experts have the ultimate four tips to attract more traffic on websites without increasing the marketing budget.

Basic Web Designing Tips to Increase Footfall on Your Website

  • A website needs more of internal links: No matter you are inserting contents or uploading a web blog, inserting internal links is a must with that as this helps search engines to understand the contents’ purpose and relevance.

It quickly helps improve overall quality of the website itself. As a result, a website with higher link value gets a higher rank. So, insert more internal links to boost your site’s SEO improving the number of visits and conversions.

  • Choose colours intelligently: Businesses depend on consumers’ psychology and their buying behaviour. Products and services are meant to solve consumers’ issues. Hence, understanding buyer’s psychology helps in creating a website that attracts attention.

It has been noticed, consumers are likely to spend time on a website if designers use more colours. Web designing companies in Kolkata prefer the colour red, as there is a tendency of more conversion if web designers use colours intelligently. Colour changing or blinking Call to Action button is helpful in conversion too. 

  • Add a pop-up for more engagements: Pop-ups can be irritating at times, but it is an impactful tool if web designing companies make the best use of it. Pop ups can exist in various forms offering discounts or asking for newsletter subscriptions. However, web designing companies need not to make the pop-ups stay longer than 30 seconds. Otherwise, it gets boring and consumers likely to complain.
  • Updating the GMB profile: Creating online presence is all about creating brand image and impressions. Understanding the psychology of the target audience will make web designing companies in Kolkata to create business presence for brands that enhances engagement.  

GMB accounts are all about its maintenance. Make sure all the contents are latest, reviews are positive and brand is on focus all the time.

Hence, following these tips will help business owners in engaging more potential customers and increasing traffic to the website without spending more than the budget.

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